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Our Academy is a Changemaker-maker.  We hold space for children to joyously realize their cosmic potentials and the expansiveness of their connections between the Now, the beginnings of time, and throughout the everlasting of eternity.

We support families, homeschooling networks, schools, districts and youth-service-providing organizations in developing the essential tools for innovative (un)learning in service of our collective liberation.



At Ancestral Alchemy Academy, we know that the youth are the future. We envision a rising generation empowered with the alchemical tools, esteem and invincible conviction necessary to abolish status-quo constructs and BE the change.  



Our intention is to liberate imaginations by curating deeply re-imagined learning environments rooted in Afro-Indigineous wisdom where children learn, through practice, how to speak their dreams into being and co-create a better future.



We actualize this intention via critical-consciousness-raising curricula designed to affirm identity, nurture cultures of consent, build fluency in socio-emotional, social-justice literacy, and (re)member right-relation with the land, community, and the Self.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”

 -Frederick Douglas


the Maker

Tiarra, aka Mx.T, is a liberatory youth curriculum developer committed to ensuring the bliss of rising generations.   Land based in occupied Ohlone territory known as Huichin, Mx.T has supported thousands of Bay Area Youth with developing the critical consciousness skills necessary to disentangle illusions of modernity and weave wisdoms rooted in the youth’s innate mind, body, and soul awareness.   Mx.T understands that the purpose of education is to bring forth knowledge and tools to the people so they may build a new world with liberated imaginations.  She inspires youth to attune, refine, and sharpen their natural capacity to challenge the status quo, working for over 16 years to rear reflective, determined, collaborative, visionary, and vulnerageous feral innovators prepared to harness invincible conviction and be the change. 

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